Few sectors are subject to the increasing legal stringency and regulation of the energy industry. This is primarily due to the move from centralised fossil-fuel based energy production to a liberalisation of the market with decentralised, renewable forms of energy. This brings major challenges for established companies – and creates fresh options and opportunities for new players. A clear understanding of the interplay between energy production, transport and distribution, taking account of the relevant standards, and the ability to reflect this in individual contracts is the prerequisite for successful market penetration and project implementation.

As a specialist consultant in the energy industry, we are active and vertically integrated at all levels of the market. This specialisation requires a comprehensive commercial understanding of the market and an appreciation of the perspectives of all stakeholders.

As an independent firm, we understand the commercial interests of all market players. Our clients are public companies, such as municipal public utilities, local authorities, grid operators, plant operators, and energy traders, as well as energy service providers and contractors. We are also able to advise industrial companies and other large energy consumers on issues such as entering into supply contracts.

We specialise in the area of energy services and (industrial) contracting, the contractual implementation of power plant projects and the German Renewable Energy Act (EEG) and Combined Heat and Power Act (KWKG), as well as the restructuring of municipal supply (remunicipalisation).

We also have particular expertise in customising, examining and negotiating energy supply contracts and in the area of grid utilisation and energy tax as well as their implications for contracting models and in all legal aspects of local and district heating.

We operate as an independent firm in examining the general terms and conditions of energy supply contracts and appropriate recovery procedures.