Family Law

Every third marriage in Germany ends in divorce. Separations and divorces almost always have significant economic consequences for clients. In family law therefore, contact with an expert advisor early in the process is vital to avoid later disputes and to create clarity.

We create marriage contracts, consequences of separation and divorce agreements, and represent our clients in all legal proceedings relating to family law.

In addition, we support our clients in disputes regarding shared real estate, shareholdings, medical or freelance professional practices, as well as any other assets ensuring clarification regarding the equal distribution of surplus.

We also advise our clients in settlements relating to spousal, child and parental maintenance in addition to pension rights adjustment, providing expert client representation.


Inheritance Law

We can advise on all areas of inheritance law and asset succession during a client's lifetime and specialise in company succession.

We support our clients in writing, examining and interpreting wills and contracts of inheritance, in addition to the assertion and defence of legacy claims as well as determining the estate after the testator's death.

We also take on the enforcement and defence of the rights of heirs against both third parties and joint-heirs, as well as ordering the affairs of communities of heirs by enforcing or defending the rights to compulsory portions of an estate and dealing with any augmentation claims.

Our areas of expertise include the execution of wills as permanent executors or for the settlement of an estate and the administration of communities of heirs.