Health care providers are increasingly exposed to extended statutory regulation. At the same time, these regulations can lead to commercially lucrative opportunities and new forms of cooperation. We advise our clients on the planning and implementation of co-operative medical surgeries in particular, drawing on our profound expertise in both medical and company law. This strong basis allows us to provide optimal support in the founding, restructuring, splitting up or acquisition of group practices, medical centres and joint practices. Our mission and focus is to protect our clients from protracted litigation by taking account of professional, contractual and company law considerations when contracts are first drawn up.

Our clients include doctors, dentists, pharmacies, hospitals and other providers in the health care sector. We help them examine the best possible use of existing capacity within the framework of legal restrictions and opportunities. In-depth knowledge of the medical profession and its complex billing laws are essential for developing legitimate, sound and lasting solutions that meet the needs of the modern medical market.

We also represent and advise our clients on all issues related to medical contracts, professional law and licensing: a partner you can rely on in every area.