Meike Evers primarily supports Dr Krafczyk in his trial and consulting assignments.

Ms Evers has worked for us since 2013. Qualified in event management, our office benefit from her exceptional organisational talents. Ms Evers completed her training at a municipal authority in Hanover.

In addition to her organisational talent Ms Evers is particularly thorough and precise in her work and is also responsible for Dr Krafczyk’s time management. Although she does not have a legal background, Ms Evers has become an invaluable asset to our firm. We are delighted to have her as part of our team.

Ms Evers is your contact for submitting information for Dr Krafczyk or to schedule appointments with him. She is kept updated the current status of Dr Krafczyk’s work and is able to answer to most questions in this regard.

Contact: 0511 12171-18